How does this work?

Airlines have mobile applications which use a public API for retrieving reservation information. Often, these APIs expose useful information for travelers, but the app does not directly display it. This tool shows you this information!

Does this rely on an "exploit"?

No. This tool shows you the information that your phone already receives from the airline, but just never shows you. There is no exploit or security issue.

Is any reservation data stored when using this tool?

No. (The hosting providers might store basic information for debugging/monitoring, like your IP address and when you visit.)

What does "Coupons Appear To Cover Entire PNR" represent?

When "Coupons Appear To Cover Entire PNR" is true, it means that the displayed ticket appears to cover at least all of the segments in the PNR. This is a very basic check as the full information of the ticket coupons is not available -- this only checks the flight time and origin/destination. If your ticket is in the wrong class of service, this cannot be detected.

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